Traditionally, Halloween or All Hallows Eve has been on October 31st. It is one of the most important harvest festivals in the European tradition. It is a time of feasting and rest from the hard work of harvest and bringing in the fruits of a summer’s labor. Now, Halloween is a massive adult holiday where regular people get to dress up and become something altogether different. For one day a year, people can bare their darkest desires in public and things are…allowed, within reason.

There is only one problem with this singular day of debauchery. Because it is always on the 31st, the day changes depending on the calendar. Halloween is best when it is on a weekend. People have more time and can party harder. Children get to have parties and have far more fun. When Halloween falls on a work or school day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) the party can never go as long or as hard because everyone has to get up to work the next day. However, there is now a new plan to make Halloween the 4th Saturday of the month, which means, like Thanksgiving, the day would be fixed in place and conveniently, always on a weekend. It’s a pretty good and pretty convenient idea. Who doesn’t want to get the most of this day of partying?

Learn more about this interesting idea in this helpful video: