I’ve always thought it rather interesting that the most exciting car in BMW’s lineup is their entry-level model. The BMW 3 Series is their smallest and lowest priced sedan, but it always generates the most excitement for its ability to get the groceries and then go to the track and never lose a beat. The engine is packed with power as they continue to develop the 6 cylinder engine that BMW is known for using. This car is much the same under the hood but the suspension has different tuning and the 2019 model has a slightly differently styling, especially around the treat windows. It comes in all the familiar colors and the double kidney grille.

This is the type of car that guys making $40,000 will go into bankruptcy just to own for a few months. And they cry when it gets repossessed. The car is just that good and the 2019 model does not disappoint.

Watch Doug Demuro, car reviewer extraordinare walk you through the new BMW 3 for 2019.