And the LGBT Youtubers aren’t taking it anymore!

If you don’t regularly follow LGBT Youtube, you probably don’t notice what has happened to the popular channels on the platform. Indeed, if you are logged in and over 18, you probably haven’t noticed either. One thing you might have noticed is that you might be missing some videos from your favorite channels (if you do indeed follow) because they don’t make your recommendations.

There is a reason for that!

A Change in the Air

Youtube has been systematically restricting, demonetizing, and not recommending videos from LGBT as apart of it’s focus on cleaning up negative content from the site. Most people aren’t sad to see content from white supremacists being pulled or suppressed but somehow LGBT content has also been included in this dragnet. Another aspect of this content clean-up is Youtube’s new advertiser-friendly monetization strategy. Advertisers want to advertise on the platform. It’s bigger than regular television. But most advertisers don’t want to be featured on “controversial content.” If you’ve been wondering why there’s so much regular TV content on the platform, that would be one of the reasons.

It’s all About the Money

There are a variety of truly great channels that could no longer support themselves and simply shut down. A loss of monetization means that creators are not fairly compensated for their videos and the ads that appear on them. For other channels, they have other means of support so while the loss of ad dollars is inconvenient, it’s not the death of the channel. However, when a video is restricted and not recommended, the ability to expand the channel is curtailed and for those looking for that content, it can become hard to find.

Youtubers are fighting back!

5 LGBT channels have decided to pool their resources and sue YouTube for this unfair treatment. Protecting anyone from LGBT content is far from fair. The channels in question don’t create pornographic content (its against the rules and always has been) and are largely vlogs or purely information. This has not stopped the onslaught of YouTube’s content changes from deeply affecting their channels and they are now fighting back with a landmark lawsuit. For more about this lawsuit and what they are fighting for, please watch this helpful video from Watts the Safeword.